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Have you ever sat down and wondered: “I really like this song but WHY isn’t it a single?”…

We like to consider these tracks as FORGOTTEN GEMS in opened treasure chests – jealous, vengeful, betrayed BUT worthy of love!

We created The Betrayed Tracks Revenge YouTube channel to be a space for artists where to show their creative love to those gems, giving them the chance of their sought-after revenge.

In addition to the YouTube channel, we have also created The Betrayed Tracks Revenge Spotify playlist, where the echo of these forgotten gems can resonate and attract even more treasure seekers.

Do you think you have precious gems in your chests for the world to see? Drop us an email: we can’t wait to share your music through our space on YouTube!

PRESSTHIS! MUSIC PR Spotify channel:

We believe that music is naturally connected with emotions, a whole lot of them. Inspirational, energetic, peaceful… Sometimes sad, other times ecstatic… each and every song sparks unique feelings with its vibes.
It’s these vibes that inspired us to create four dedicated Spotify playlists, four as the elements of the Universe: fire, water, earth, and air.

Hellish Fire of Metal Energy: get your fire started with this selection of metal masterpieces.
Howling Hurricane Of Rock Feverishness: the perfect rock-out soundtrack to the road trip of your dreams.
Watered Down Tranquillity: relaxing ballads as drops of rain to wash reality away.
Acoustic Vibes Hiding In The Woods: lose yourself in nature and let these acoustic indie pearl’s embrace you.

Get your chance to be included in one of our elemental playlists, drop us an email!

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